Physiotherapy Center Bangalore

Physiotherapy Center in Bangalore

Physiotherapy is a treatment provided by the medical professionals to treat acute and chronic pains and to restore the functions of it id affected by injury or illness.

Physiotherapy is a holistic approach using evidence based kinesiology, Healy education, exercise, mobilization and electrical physical agents to restore the health and fitness

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Physiotherapy is helpful in all the ages with wide range of health conditions such as

  • Structures of bones, joints and soft tissues- such as neck, back, shoulder pain and sports injuries.
  • Brain and nervous system- any conditions affecting movements resulting from stroke, Parkinson’s disease or multiple steroids.
  • Used as a rehabilitation method after heart attack
  • It is effective for the patient who had conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder and cystic fibrosis
  • Musculoskeletal surgeries– after the surgical intervention of bones or joints such as total hip replacement and knee replacement surgery.

The person who performs physiotherapy is called physiotherapist, they are the members of multidisciplinary team in patient care and they are available at hospitals, community health centers, sports team, clubs and work places etc

Functions of physiotherapist

Usually they focus on the body as a whole rather than focusing on only injury which includes

  • Education and advice- they give general advice like how to maintain proper posture and things which affect your daily living and educate the techniques to maintain the current posture during lifting or carrying to prevent injury.
  • Physical activity advise- they recommend certain exercises to improve your general health and mobility and strengthen specific parts of the body
  • Manual therapy – the physiotherapist uses his hands in order to treat stiffness, relieve pain and encourage better movement of the body.