Best Dermatology/Skin Hospital Bangalore

Dermatology Treatment

Dermatology is a branch of medicine which deals with skin and it’s issues. The specialized doctor who manages diseases related to skin, nails and hair and cosmetic problems is called as dermatologist. Dermatologists have unique skills and experience to offer best care for the organ that protects you.

Skin is considered as a largest organ and a first line of defense against infection, they are more than 3000 conditions of skin some of the common once includes eczema, psoriasis, skin cancers etc.

Our Dermatologist treat wide variety of skin conditions such as –

  • deadly skin cancers
  • Warts
  • Chronic disease caused by immune system
  • Allergic reactions of skin due to unknown substances
  • Infection caused by bacteria and virus on skin
  • Cosmetic concerns such as ageing issues
  • Treating wounds caused by surgeries
  • Help in removing scars
  • Help patients suffering from AIDS to restore a healthier appearance


Dermatology Specialties

  • Dermatopathology- they are specialized doctors in both field is dermatology and pathology. They examine the tissues of skin with a microscope to diagnose the medical conditions affecting skin.
  • Mohs surgery- they are dermatologist who perform surgeries to treat skin cancer. In this the cancerous skin are removed after examining it under the Microscope
  • Pediatric dermatologist- it is a branch which deals with the treatment of skin ailments suffered by children. Most of the infection in skin, nail and hair are common in children do promo approach is necessary to prevent complications in children’s


Procedures – Dermatology Treatment in Bangalore

The dermatologist provide treatment to the ailments of skin by wife variety of approach such as

  • topical and systemic medication- used in sun damaged skin were the dermatologist uses chemical solutions to peel off the damaged skin and help in regeneration of the new skin
  • Dermatological surgeries- it includes grafting of skin after burns
  • Cosmetic surgeries- wrinkles, scarring are treated by using collagen and fat substances
  • Immuno therapy – using injections to treat allergic reaction of skin
  • Phototherapy- suing light to treat skin discoloration
  • Laser therapy – removal of Timor, moles , birth marks by using laser
  • Radiotherapy- using radiation to treat skin cancer
  • Cryotherapy
  • warts are treated by freezing the skin lesions and destroying it


Development of new drugs and use is advanced technology society are more exposed to harmful substances which may cause unusual side effects to skin exposure to pesticides, Industrial component and cosmetic continuously pose a new threat and develop new dermatological problems, lastly exposure to the sun and other hazardous materials in occupation causes skin diseases in wide range.