Sports Injuries Medicine Treatment Bangalore

Sports Injuries

Sports injury occurs during the precipitation in the sport activity which is commonly caused by direct impact, overuse or application of force on a body part. It is usually a musculoskeletal injury.

There may occur due to lack of conditioning, use of technique in un proper form and not proper warming up before exercise, these may risk you to get bruises, strain, tears, sprain and sometimes broken bones.

Major injuries to muscles, tendons, ligaments can also occur and traumatic brain injury is another type of severe sports injury

Some of the common sports injuries are:

  1. Muscle strain-It is also called as pulled muscle. These occur when the muscle is overstretched, It may be painful. Other symptoms include swelling, weakness and inability to use muscle.
  2. Sprain/Strain-over stretching or tearing of ligaments/tendon results in strain and sprain
  3. Bruises-A hard blow which causes bleeding in to the skin leads to bruises.
  4. Cuts and abrasion-Due to fall during sports activity, usually occurs in knees and hands
sports injuries
  1. Torn ACL –The anterior cruciate ligaments which hold the knee in torn by landing in the wrong way, direct below to the knee. Symptoms include pain, swelling and loss of range of motion.
  2. Stress fractures-It occurs when the muscles are no longer able to absorb the pressure, resulting in break, It usually occurs in lower legs and feet.
  3. Plantar fasciitis-It is the inflammation of ligaments that connect the heel to the front of the foot, It causes heel pain.
  4. Tennis elbow-Inflammation of the tendon on the outside of the elbow leading to pain and weak grip.
  5. Low back pain-Lifting heavy weights and playing too many rounds of golf can lead to over use of back muscle leading to lower back pain. It usually resolves on its own without treatment but it is severe pain needs medical and surgical intervention.
  6. Hip bursitis-over use from running, cycling and similar activities leads to inflammation of bursae resulting in stiffness and pain around the hip joint.
  7. Achilles tendonitis-pain in the lower back of the leg above the heel is Achilles tendonitis this is usually painful during physical activity
  8. Runner’s knee-Irritation of the tendons, synovial joint ling or other soft tissues of knee is called as runner’s knee
  9. Dislocation-When a bone is forced out of the socket leads to dislocation it is painful and leads to swelling and weakness.

Sports Injuries Medicine/Treatment

  • Minor sports injury can be managed by rest, ice compression, and elevation and following the instruction of the doctor can lead to a fast recovery.
  • A serious sports injury requires physical therapy and surgery.

Sports Injuries Prevention

Most of the sports injuries are preventable by:

  • Using proper techniques during sports activities.
  • Use of proper fitting shoes.
  • Know your limitations do not over do.
  • Cool down yourself after your activity.
  • Resuming your activity slowly.